Collecting scraps

Galli Rodolfo e Figli S.r.l. collects any type of metal scrap that results from industrial manufacturing. We use only highly skilled labor and we have a large vehicle pool for collecting and transporting non-hazardous waste.

All vehicles are regularly checked and authorized to carry out the transport of metal waste, under the CER waste codes.

To meet the production needs of your factory several solutions are available for collection: container, dump truck, trailer, flatbed truck or grab truck.​

Stocking solutions

To facilitate the collection of metal scraps, we can deliver collection solutions at your plant. We have different solutions:

CONTAINER in different types and sizes (10mc, 25mc, 30mc, etc).

SELF-COMPACTING CONTAINER to maximize the capacity at your premises.

​BIG BAG practical for the disposal of limited quantities of material, available in various types and sizes.

DUMPSTERS in different types and sizes, depending on your needs.

Integrated collection

We offer collection of both metal waste and other non-hazardous waste related to production activities (wood, bulky, paper) to clients who use our company exclusively.
Our aim is to make your waste management simpler and cheaper in keeping with current legislation.
The service includes:

  • supply of containers, self-compacting containers or dumpsters for the temporary storage of metallic and not metallic waste
  • support in the regulatory management of waste (including the preparation of the Annex VII and the information required for the MUD or other waste statement)
  • waste collection, on-call or planned, in relation to the needs of your production plant
  • price certainty, based on the wholesale price surveys conducted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan or other International institute


We offer our experience and know-how in material processing also under contract to third parties.
The processes that we carry out are:

  • analysis
  • shearing
  • baling
  • shredding
  • sorting


The legislation on waste management is subject to frequent changes. This may create problems for manufacturers, whose goal is a small financial reward in exchange for metal waste.
The move toward safeguarding the environment may be an issue for companies that rely on unprofessional or unauthorized partners to manage metal waste. This waste although not hazardous, must be treated according to the procedure established by current law.

We help our trading partners in the fulfillment of all obligations that the legislation requires:

  • support in the correct methods of waste management
  • Annex VII
  • data report to be included in the MUD (Italian unique model of environmental statement)
  • identification of regularly authorized sites, suitable for correct disposal of waste that cannot be managed at our facility

Special recycling and demolitions

We aim to support you as end-user plant or operating agent for demolition operations, dismantling or extraordinary recovery.

We can be involved as:

  • the final destination of ferrous material that results from operations
  • transport and recovery of materials
  • managing the dismantling and demolition of a structure or machineries.