0 waste production

Industrial production generates scrap and waste that need to be processed to be used again

1 collection

Collection of metal swarf and scrap generated by industrial operations is the first phase of the material recycling process. For more than 70 years we have been collecting material from our suppliers. We do this in different ways. LEARN MORE >

2 analysis and sorting

Metal waste recycling, with the aim of creating new secondary raw material, always begins with a deep analysis of the incoming material. It is sorted and separated according to the chemical and physical properties.
Analysis steps are:

  • radiometric check to detect the presence of radioactive material
  • chemical analysis to verify and to separate the different material types
  • manual sorting to separate unsuitable or oversized material
  • semi-automatic sorting through a sieve to reduce the presence of impurities
  • semi-automatic sorting by permanent magnet overbelt, to remove the magnetic material
  • semi-automatic sorting by means of induction belt, to separate the non-ferrous materials

3 processing

We organise the material to increase the homogeneity of every single delivery. Our purpose is to improve the client’s logistic management of the scrap yard by providing material with small size and high weight density to make the production process more efficient and to reduce heat loss in the oven.

4 delivery

We deliver the material ensuring shipments are on time, scheduling deliveries according to clients’ needs, and agreed upon transport specifications

5 melting

Foundries and mills are supplied with stainless steel or carbon steel ready to be melted and used again.