Long story short

The Galli family has been involved in recycling since the 1920s. Luigi Bimbo Galli began his endeavors in the scrap recovery sector by founding a small handicraft company. The company employed a few family members, had a couple of machines, one truck and one motto “Iron comes from iron, not from trash”. From the beginning, the company had a specific purpose: high-quality recovery, to ensure truly renewed materials.

This philosophy over time has become the mission of the company that from 1955 has been managed by Bimbo’s son Rodolfo (1927-1992). He transformed the company from a small family company to an ltd company, obtaining growth and positioning in the market. With the move in 1979 to the current headquarters of Bosisio Parini, ( originally 7,500 square meters, now almost 20,000), the company reached financial stability and became Galli Rodolfo e Figli Srl. During the 1980s the company was led by Rodolfo and his wife Consolata (1935-2021). They were supported by their sons Claudio, Gianluigi and Carlo, who choose to share the entrepreneurial vision of their father.

Over the years, the number of trucks and loaders increased, along with the services and materials offered. In 1982 Carlo started the Galli Lamiere snc (1992-2013), which specialized in sheet metal cutting and processing. In 1992 the leadership passed to Rodolfo’s sons, Gianluigi Gigi Galli and Claudio Galli who continued the tradition inherited from their father. They further expanded the company, to cover the whole country as well as central and southern Europe. The philosophy of the company, however, didn’t change. Galli Rodolfo e Figli srl still believes in verbal deals and gentlemen’s agreements: we stand by our agreements even in the face of unfavorable market conditions.

Today Bimbo’s great-grandchildren strive to discover new processes to achieve higher performance materials. Trusted relationships with clients are maintained and enhanced by offering material that is processed and prepared in order to grant optimal size and weight ratio, allowing for a reduction in processing times and costs. Deliveries are also scheduled according to the needs of our clients, in order to minimize transit times and rates.

High quality of processed materials and delivery of a truely renewed product are what our family company offers, in keeping with Bimbo’s words “iron comes from iron”.

We work to the highest quality standards and our ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality management systems demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We are a supplier to the major mills and foundries in Europe and Asia.

Over 70 years of industry experience has made Galli Rodolfo e Figli one of the leading Italian processors of metal scrap. We have gained a good reputation for providing personalised and flexible solutions to customers across the world. We have an honest approach to trading and building longstanding and trusted relationships with the partners we work with.

Our values

Putting people first. Health & safety, labor & human rights, diversity & inclusion

Focus on circular economy. Sustainability, supplier integration, customer integration

Protecting the environment. Energy & climate change, water, waste

Acting together. Responsible supply chain, community


Safeguarding the environment and recycling are key in our business. We collect metal waste and scraps to be used as raw materials in the production cycle. The hope is that the use of scraps will reduce the extraction of new minerals and protect the environment.

Furthermore, adjacent to our recovery plant we have more than 15,000 square meters of green area, located between the industrial area and the residential suburb. Since 2012 we have powered our machines entirely with electricity, partly produced from renewable sources.

In addition to this, we have taken all necessary measures for the recovery of rainwater and prevention of spills of pollutants. We conduct periodical analyses aimed to control water and fumes released into the environment.